Professional Experience

    1. Senior Environmental Engineer at the Chino Basin Watermaster. (2016-Present)
    2. Lecturer in Environmental Economics at UC Riverside (2016-Present)
    3. Study of farmer’s behavior under changing subsidies to electricity. September (2011-now)
    4. Executive Vice President, Graduate Student Association at UCR (2015-2016)
    5. Member of Board of Directors, University of California Student Association (2015-2016)
    6. Student Chair; City of Riverside International Student Task Force (2013-2015)
    7. International Student Officer. Graduate Student Asociation at UCR (2012-2015)
    8. Member of Searching Committee for the Vice Provost of International Affairs at UCR (2014)
    9. Student Chair of the Tobacco-Free Policy Implementation Committee (2012-2014)
    10. Member of the Water Science and Policy Center Seminar Committee (2011-2014)
    11. Co-chair of the Environmental Sciences mini-GSA (2012-2013)
    12. Data Collection for Dr. Américo Saldívar on the Research Project “Pago por servicios ambientales y el rescate de la cuenca Lerma-Chapala”.(2010)
    13. Research Assitant to Dr. Luis Miguel Galindo Paliza on Economics of Climate Change in Mexico. (2007-2008)